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2019 Reading Challenge Choices

I love going through a new Reading Challenge list and deciding what books to read. I get to go all researcher mode on it and do loads of internet searches. It's become a new Christmas tradition, and I've started to look forward to it each year! Now, I'm excited by my choices!

2018 closing thoughts

2018 Closing Thoughts

I’ve just been looking back over all the books I’ve read this year, and I’m so glad I decided to keep this record. Some of them feel like years ago since I read them, some I can’t remember what they were about, and others have really stuck with me throughout the year. Without this record, I wouldn’t be able to remember half of what I had read!

Christmas reads blog

The Perfect Christmas Read

I really enjoy snuggling up at this time of year with a good Christmas themed book. I much prefer reading a Christmas book to watching a Chrismas movie! However, this year I've been really struggling to find ones that carry you away to that magical place that only exists for a few weeks a year. I've read a couple of short ones that were ok, and they can be seen over on the 'book review' page of the site, but there was just something lacking from them all, and only one of the books I've read has made the cut for this blog.

2019 reading challenge header

2019 Pink and Dizzy Reading Challenge

I’ve been doing a reading challenge for a few years now, and I find it really pushes me to try new books that I wouldn’t have usually considered. I get very excited each year when a new challenge is released, and I get to sit and coordinate the books that I fancy reading. The organised side of me comes out, and I start making lists and doing research into the books I want to read, and it’s so much fun for a book geek like myself!

500 pages

A Book with more than 500 Pages

So I only have one book left to read of my original reading challenge that I started back in January. That is ‘a book that has more than 500 pages’. I originally choose ‘Outlander by Diana Gabaldon’, and it’s been sitting there on the challenge waiting for me to read all year. However, I’ve been putting it off and off, until I’ve come to December and have run out of time and had to start it this month or fail my challenge (not an option!)

Goodreads blog

Goodreads Choice Awards 2018

The winners of the Goodreads Choice Awards 2018 were announced this week. It was the 10th year these awards have run, and all of the winners are chosen by the readers on Goodreads. I must confess I haven’t heard of any of the winning books, and none of the books I voted for won. However, that means that I get to discover some new books this way as some of these look really interesting and different from my usual reads. So a couple of these have found themselves onto my TBR list ready for next year. What do you all think, are any of the winning books your choice or do you think another book has been unfairly overlooked?

Halloween blog

Halloween Spooky Reads

The nights are starting to draw in, and it is currently blowing a gale outside which are perfect reading conditions. It is also the middle of October and the bewitching hour is nearly upon us which got me to thinking about spooky books.

New site blog

Pink and Dizzy - New Site

I’ve finally set up my new website as I’ve been posting my reviews up until now over on my academic site. That wasn’t very appropriate, especially when I was reviewing Tracy Lorraine’s books that have very racy covers of hunky naked men on the cover!

24 books blog

24 Books Under £1 Challenge - DONE!

So I’ve just finished the 24 book challenge of books £1 or under from Amazon! I can’t believe how quickly I have read them; it’s crazy, I’m like a machine! What is even more crazy is all the new authors I am discovering along the way! I have read some fantastic books in that batch (and some real duds too!) My TBR list has exploded with my new found authors back catalogue of books!

Kindle books blog

Next Reading Challenge

24 Books either free from Amazon Kindle or costing £1 or under! I’ve almost finished my two reading challenges and even though I have a list of books that I would like to read I don’t want to rush through them especially with the speed I’ve been reading this year! With my holiday fast approaching I started to think about what other books I could read and started to look around for new authors. I found a number of kindle books on Amazon that were either free or that were under £1, so I decided they would make an excellent new reading challenge! So I have a list of 24 books (because for some reason I tend to read books in sets of 12) that met that criteria:

What next for reading blog

What next for reading?

I'm running out of books to read! I’m coming to the end of the two reading challenges that I’d set myself; I only have four books left to read! I’ve been super speedy as I never expected to have them done this soon in the year so I need to start thinking of other books to read to keep me occupied so my blog posts of books might start veering off list for a little while.

Reading challenege 2018 blog

Reading Challenge 2018

I have been doing a reading challenge for the past two years, and this year I have decided to keep a blog about each of the books, as I find that as time goes on, I forget about how I feel about books that I have read. So I thought keeping a log about them would be a nice reminder. The list I get is from another blogger called the Modern Mrs Darcey, the link can be found here, and it really makes you step out of your usual comfort zone of books that you would typically read. Over the last two years, I have discovered a couple of new authors by doing the challenge and found that the books that I would have expected to hate were, in fact, the ones I enjoyed the most!

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