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A Book by an Author with your Initials

The next category in the Pink and Dizzy reading challenge is to read a book by an author with your initials. This blog post for this category needs to be a little different as I can't recommend books for you as I don't know all of your names! For my choice, I started out searching the web for authors with the initials HL (I'm Helen Leecy), and it was proving to be very unsuccessful. Then I stumbled across this great site called Fantastic Fiction. Visit the site here:

Basically, this site allows you to look for authors with the same initial as your last name. There is a grid on the left-hand side with the alphabet. Choose your surname initial here. You can then scroll through the list of authors to look for one that has the same initial as your first name. Easy peasy!

My choice for this category was quite limited, with only four authors to choose from. Harper Lee, Harper Lin, Holly Lisle and Helen Lowe. I was certainly cursing my initials when I realised that this was my choice. I decided to go with Harper Lee and 'To Kill a Mockingbird' mainly as this will allow me to cross off one of the books on the bucket list poster that Morgan bought me for Christmas. I also decided that it is a classic for a reason and will push me out of my usual comfort zone, which is the whole reason for this challenge at the end of the day!

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So I really hope you manage to find an enjoyable read for this category and that the Fantastic Fiction website is helpful to you. We will be revisiting this site again when we look at books by an author as the same age as you, so it might be worth bookmarking it!

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