Wedding Wishes - Dori Lavelle

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Official Blurb:

When Caleb LaClaire put the engagement ring on my finger, I thought it was a done deal. Now it’s three months before our wedding. The date is set. The dress is just right. But the groom is not ready.
It starts with a feeling that something is not right. He’s pulling away. I don’t understand why. Then out of the blue, he breaks my heart. The wedding is off and he won’t tell me why. Maybe I already know.
Before we fell in love, he was allergic to relationships. Maybe marriage is too far out of his comfort zone.
But where does that leave me? What if my heart gets broken all over again?

My Thoughts:

I said in my review of ‘Dear Mr Maybe’ (where we first meet Caleb and Ellie) that their relationship appeared superficial and wasn’t based on anything. When I read the blurb for this book, I just knew I had to read the follow on story. It sounded like I may have been right with my observations. It didn’t look like they were working out; Caleb has broken Ellie’s heart and walked away.
However, not everything is as it seems, and regardless of the fact I wasn’t really rooting for this couple, I was in tears the whole way through. I know what it’s like to be discarded before a wedding like this but when Caleb reveals why he’s left that broke me.
The story is beautifully developed, and you are on the edge of your seat wanting to know how it is going to turn out, how can they get their happy ever after? This book certainly felt more gripping than the Matchmaker book.
However, the ending is a big let down. It seemed like a bit of a cop-out, and I was left feeling robbed of the feelings I’d been made to feel throughout it. I felt a little silly for having invested so much in the situation that Ellie and Caleb found themselves in. 98% of the book absolutely brilliant and heartwarming, but 2% of it terrible I’m afraid.

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Wedding Wishes
by Dori Lavelle
Date Started
19th June 2019
Date Finished
19th June 2019
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