Wedded Miss - Angel Devlin

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Official Blurb:

I... DON'T.
I’d had cold feet before I’d met Tyrone Neill. But he’d brought an arctic freeze.
Now I stood at the altar marrying the supposed man of my dreams, except I’d not been dreaming about him…
Then the wedding stopped.
What’s the protocol for a bride and groom standing at the altar who don’t want to marry each other anymore?
I looked at the stunning princess bride and watched as she walked toward the wrong prince.
Now he stood at the altar marrying the woman of my dreams…
Then the wedding stopped.
What’s a decent amount of time before making a move on a jilted bride? I’m guessing not thirty-seven minutes?

My Thoughts:

This follows Sherry that we met in ’Spring Break Double Take’ and again in ‘His Bird of Paradise’. In the first book, she is on her bachelorette party, and in the second we start to see that she may not be as happy about her upcoming nuptials as she should be.
In this instalment, she’s definitely not ready to get married, and we follow the fall out from this decision. I remember my dad asking me if I was sure in the car as Sherry’s did, I looked at him like he was crazy and said we just needed to hurry up as I couldn’t wait to see my Morgan and get married! If you’re sure, you know that you are and if you aren’t, you shouldn’t get married!
However, there is a silver lining, Ty, that she met in Texas during Spring break. She hasn’t been able to get him out of her head and vice versa. Things aren’t plain sailing because as Ty says in the blurb for this book, how long is a ‘decent amount of time before making a move on a jilted bride?’ After a few stumbles and ups and downs, they do finally get their Happily Ever After.
There are lots of other peripheral characters that have featured in Angel Devlin’s previous books with the Flirt Club. This book ties up all their stories and finalises their journey. I need to go back and read Casey and Audrina’s stories to complete the set.

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Wedded Miss
by Angel Devlin
Date Started
19th June 2019
Date Finished
19th June 2019
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