My Wedding Knight - Alexis Adaire

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Official Blurb:

Abby: I have one job. That’s it, just one: Babysit the bad-boy soccer hero for a week, so that he doesn’t embarrass the entire country before his knighthood ceremony.
Everything goes according to plan until I somehow end up in his bed and on the cover of every tabloid in England, my heart shattered in a million pieces and my job in jeopardy. Brilliant, Abby.
Rory: What reason do I have to believe that this curvy blonde is any different from every other woman I’ve met? Sure, she’s smart and beautiful and funny and amazing in bed and… did I mention those luscious curves? Right, I am definitely in trouble.
But trouble comes in many forms, and it’s not until I’ve brought shame on the Crown and ruined the life of the woman I love that I realize the truth about who I am and decide it’s time to finally do something about it.

My Thoughts:

An entertaining and fun look at how the UK go about their knighthood process and ceremony.
Rory is your typical bad boy, but he is a national football hero and is being bestowed a Knight of the British Empire award. Will this honour calm him down and make him change his ways? Abby has been tasked to ‘babysit’ him and make sure he doesn’t create any ruckus before the big ceremony. However, things take a turn when they start to have feelings for one another. That wasn’t supposed to happen! I had hoped that Abby would hold out and make him woo her a little more. She did seem to change her mind on him a little too fast. It was like she fell for his looks and charm rather than falling for him as a person. I could see why he fell for her so fast but not really the other way around.
The story was enjoyable and fast-paced and was certainly a different take for the Wedding Season collaboration. However, I was a little disappointed as there wasn’t a wedding! No white dress, no flowers etc. It just skipped straight to the happy ever after, four years later.

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My Wedding Knight
by Alexis Adaire
Date Started
20th June 2019
Date Finished
20th June 2019
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