With This Ring - Alexx Andria

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Official Blurb:

She’s everything I never knew I needed — and she turned my life upside down.
I was expecting an interior decorator not a pint-sized tornado of quirky laughter and sunny smiles. Kitt Evensen blew into my orderly life like a bad idea wrapped in temptation and I knew I had to steer clear or she’d make a mess out of my life.
She’s everything I’m not — my complete opposite. If it weren’t for my business partner hiring her to redecorate our new office, our paths would never cross.
But she’s here now and we’re forced to work together. I just need to get through the next couple of weeks without losing my mind…or my heart.

My Thoughts:

This is a direct continuation from the last book I read by the author, and we get to delve deeper into the cantankerous and irritable partner to Beau that we fell in love with in ‘His Dahlia’. It was great to get Jared’s side of the story. We got to see what made him tick and got to see past all the grouchiness. It would have been nice to know why he is like this, but, unfortunately, the story doesn’t explore that deeply.
We do get to see that he is quite awkward around other human beings and doesn’t really know how to act socially. Such as the, erm, lovely gift basket he sends to Kitt as an apology.
Her rant to this gift basket was a bit over the top, and I felt like I was being lectured for being a meat-eater. I’m all for people being vegetarian and vegan, but it is all personal choice. I have given up eating Beef as I think cows are just so flipping cute, but I don’t push my values onto other people. There is a reason I can’t give up meat entirely, and I don’t need to be lectured about it, I will do what I can if I want.
That aside, Kitt is a very sunny person who sounds very fun to be around. She seems like she could breathe a breath of fresh air into any situation, and that is exactly what she does with Jared. She knocks down his walls and finds out that he is a loveable bear, after all. It is a slow burn romance, there isn’t a massive lightning bolt, just like there wasn’t for Beau and Dahlia. These are the best kind!

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With This Ring
by Alexx Andria
Date Started
19th June 2019
Date Finished
19th June 2019
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