Throw a Double for Spite - Cherie Mitchell

Reading Challenge Category: Free from author

Official Blurb:

As a masked killer terrorizes a city, a lonely woman on the hunt for love is confronted with her best friend’s tragic past while attempting to come to terms with old traumas of her own.
Riley Preston is a romantic at heart, despite the numerous trials that she's faced over the years. While busily juggling her career, her dysfunctional family, and her relationships with close friends Megan and Briar, she holds onto her white picket fence dream that the right man for her is out there somewhere.
Unfortunately, it's a dangerous time for any young woman seeking to meet potential suitors. No one is quite what they seem to be, and Riley's hopes start to crumble when she is faced with an unwanted series of sordid and terrible truths.
As Riley's friendships implode and her family life takes a startling turn into tricky and unexplored territory, the masked killer is ramping up his wave of violence. The events in Riley's life are sending her hurtling towards an unavoidable conclusion as she comes to the awful realization that no one can ever truly know the minds of those closest to them.
Can Riley fit the puzzle pieces together before it’s too late or should she let sleeping dogs lie?

My Thoughts:

There is a lot of story packed into this relatively short book. At only 242 pages, the author has to keep the story moving at quite a pace, especially to fit in all the facets that it covered. This was very well put together, and the ending has so many twists and turns I felt a bit spun around by all that was being pummelled onto the protagonist.
We have the mystery of her friend Briar; we have the killer loose on the streets, we have her best friend Megan acting strange. There are the bizarre goings-on at work and the mysterious Jack. There is also the back story of her family, which covers her father’s betrayal and her estranged relationship with her mother and sister.
So much is happening; however, it is very easy to keep up with all the elements of the story. You feel invested in them all and are rushing through the book to get to the conclusions to see if one woman can take all that is being thrown at her.
I think the only thing that stopped this from being a five-star read for me was the characters. I just didn’t find them likeable at all. A few have split personalities that would change quicker than the wind. However, Riley herself was the worst. She was so snappy, confrontational and blunt. I certainly wouldn’t want to be friends with her the way she spoke to people. She just didn’t sugar coat anything, and I just couldn’t get to grips with her at all. She kept putting herself in dangerous situations, sticking her nose in where it didn’t belong, and I just found her unlikable on the whole.
It was such a shame as the premise, and the story for this book was fantastic, but Riley’s strange mannerisms ruined it. Someone would compliment her, and she’d snap that she wasn’t going for a fashion statement. I thought these little barbs were uncalled for when someone was being nice to her.
So, overall, quite an enjoyable book, but it could have been better if the protagonist that you are supposed to be empathising with was more likeable and a little softer around the edges.

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Throw a Double for Spite
by Cherie Mitchell
Date Started
3rd May 2020
Date Finished
5th May 2020
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