Cowboy’s Kiss - Sierra Hill

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Reading Challenge Category: A catch-up Flirt Club book

Official Blurb:

Avery Boone didn’t grow up on a ranch or in the saddle but her journalistic skills will be put to good use to help save the Montana ranchers in jeopardy of losing their livelihoods.
When Avery accepts the assignment to spend a week on the Loghorn Ranch in Paulson, Montana, she assumes she’ll be welcomed with open arms from the ranch owner’s son and her editor’s friend, Cutter Lambert. Instead, Cutter is rude, dismissive and all kinds of alpha.
But Avery doesn’t bend to accommodate her discourteous cowboy. She may be a city girl, but she isn’t afraid to show her untamed wild side. And she’s ready to prove to this cowboy that she means business.

My Thoughts:

This started off really promising with a girl eavesdropping into a group of girls’ rant about a man. The scene was well set, and when said man turns up to collect the eavesdropper, I was intrigued as to what was going on.
However, it went a bit flat after this. We simply had an angry man for no reason, a woman that drops her knickers without any real encouragement. I was just sat there thinking what attraction was there all she has done is moan about how horrible he has been.
The story had no further excitement and just rambled on with the two falling madly in love.
The only saving grace was that it didn’t have a cookie-cutter ending of marriage and babies. So I was grateful for this at least.
Really disappointed as Sierra Hill’s books are usually better than this. This was also the very last Flirt Club book that I had to catch up. I have now read them all, and unfortunately, I didn’t leave the best until last.

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Cowboy's Kiss
by Sierra Hill
Date Started
5th May 2020
Date Finished
5th May 2020
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