Three Weddings and Forever - Laney Powell

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Official Blurb:

It's amazing the difference a wedding can make...
After my crash and burn with my long-term boyfriend, I’ve come to terms with the fact that I can’t be trusted when it comes to picking men. And that’s fine. I’ve decided to hang up my relationship hat and just play the field for a little while. No strings, no commitments, no fuss.
All it takes is a series of my best friends’ weddings to show me that I’m no good as a player because the king of all players, Sebastian Colton, is the first man who catches my attention. And I can't seem to look away. How will I ever find my forever when I can’t pick something real?
I might have the reputation as a player among my friends, and I guess I’ve earned that. The fact is, I refuse to settle for less than absolute electricity. Which so far has resulted in me moving from girl to girl in search of that spark.
So when I see my old friend Mallory having a showdown with her ex at one of our friend’s weddings, I make my Gran proud and do the right thing, stepping in and whisking her off to the dance floor. Turns out she’s got moves like no other, and it doesn’t take long for lightening to strike. She’s made it clear she’s not looking for anything at all, especially with me and my reputation—how can I convince her that my bad boy ways were just trying to lead me to her?

My Thoughts:

So I’ve just had to look up to see what a ‘tiny house’ is as I’d never heard of them. I had an image of a tacky caravan, but some of the pictures I’ve just seen are stunning, so now I can envisage Sebastian’s creation a little more clearly!
I really enjoyed Laney Powell’s offering to the Wedding season collaboration. The story progressed at a gentle speed, building up the relationship between Mallory and Sebastian. The ups and downs, and the misunderstandings gave the story some realism. I loved how the story didn’t just end; it gave us the ‘after’. We see how Mallory and Sebastian navigate the long-distance problem. We see that it isn’t always plain sailing when we leave a couple usually at the end of a book and we get our happy ever after. I liked that even though they knew each other before the first wedding, Sebastian explains what has changed for him, and why he sees Mallory in a different light. Often we get characters that do a 180 for no reason; this isn’t the case here; everything is explained and makes the story more believable.
It was really lovely to be revisiting the Spa Island girls once again, and I am looking forward to Serena’s story which is promised to be coming soon at the end. I wonder if we will get a story with them all in at some point?

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Three Weddings and Forever
by Laney Powell
Date Started
17th June 2019
Date Finished
17th June 2019
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