Something Blue - Fiona Starr

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Official Blurb:

I plan everything... but I never planned for my forever.
When Jesse left me at the altar before God and everyone I knew, I thought I would never get over the shame. Now it's three years later and while I've sworn off any desire for a wedding of my own, there is nothing going to stop me from planning the perfect day for every other bride out there. When a destination wedding brings me face-to-face with Luke Morgan and the humiliating past I've worked so hard to avoid, I wonder if I got it all wrong by running away like I did.
I let her go once without telling her how I feel. I won't make that mistake again.
I've loved Olivia Blaze since the moment I first laid eyes on her, that is... when my best friend introduced her to me as his girlfriend. I forced myself to ignore my feelings for all of our sakes. They were happy together. They were meant for each other. But when he left her at the altar, everything changed. She left town and surprised me by taking my heart with her. And now I have a second chance to tell her how I feel and I realize it doesn't matter what happens; I just have to let her know so I can finally move on.

My Thoughts:

I was reading away and thinking, oh another wedding planner. I do like wedding planners; I said in the review to Tracy Lorraine’s book that it’s an awesome job. Anyway, the author lets me know that Olivia from this book and Bryony from Tracy Lorraine’s book are business partners, hence the same profession. I do love cross-reference characters between books and authors like this! I’m not sure why, but I think maybe you feel like you are part of the character’s inner circle.
I liked the backstory for this book; Luke had remained oh so patient waiting for the love of his life to re-enter his life. His situation on a private island makes him the perfect bachelor and Olivia is lucky he hasn’t been snapped up before now. However, he has a bee in his bonnet that he is the lucky one which riles Olivia somewhat. They have a few turbulent and intense moments, but it is all leading to the Happily Ever After. After what Olivia had been through with her ex, I couldn’t think of a more perfect ending for her.
The story was well-developed. The romance did occur quite quickly, and they didn’t mess around getting to the bonking stage; however, the author had cultivated these characters so well it worked.
Overall, another brilliant addition to the Wedding season collaboration.

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Something Blue
by Fiona Starr
Date Started
18th June 2019
Date Finished
18th June 2019
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