The Great Gatsby - F. Scott Fitzgerald

Reading Challenge Category: Modern Mrs Darcy Reading Challenge - A book published before you were born

Official Blurb:

Through the narration of Nick Carraway, the reader is taken into the superficially glittering world of the mansions which lined the Long Island shore in the 1920s, to encounter Nick's cousin Daisy, her brash but wealthy husband Tom Buchanan, Jay Gatsby and the mystery that surrounds him.

My Thoughts:

Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone can sometimes go wrong, and you end up hating every minute of a book. This was one of those times.
For a book that only had 141 pages, it certainly dragged. I don’t understand why this is a classic or how there was enough content to create a film from it.
For me, the story jumped all over the place, one minute Carraway is on the phone to Gatsby, the next he is talking to someone else about something else entirely. I was thinking when did he hang up and move on? This is just one of the examples where the time shifted without a segue. In the end, I simply read it and didn’t worry too much about what was going on; I just wanted my torture to be over.
There was a little excitement towards the end, but it was so poorly executed, again I didn’t feel like I was really involved in the book or had a clue what was going on.
I did like Daisy as a character; she seemed really fun and flighty. The other characters were very fitting for the time it was set and written.
All I can think is that I have crossed this off my bucket list poster and that I have completed one of Modern Mrs Darcy’s reading challenge categories. That is all I got from this book. If you need to get this book read for whatever reason, take a deep breath, don’t expect too much and read as fast as you can!

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The Great Gatsby
by F. Scott Fitzgerald
Date Started
17th June 2019
Date Finished
17th June 2019
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