The Marriage Trap - Sheryl Browne

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Official Blurb:

My husband has been keeping secrets for a long time. He thinks I don’t know what he does outside of this house. But I know everything…
Karla watches silently as Jason hurriedly packs his belongings into a suitcase. She knows that her stillness is unnerving him as she watches his every move from the doorway of their bedroom.
Clothes are screwed up and packed into the case, along with a watch she bought him for his last birthday and his precious laptop. He takes everything from his bedside table. Everything except the framed wedding photo, which now stands alone. Karla strains to see the smiling faces in the photo. If only she knew then what she knows now.
‘I’ve fallen in love with someone else,’ he’d said to her, just moments earlier. The brutality of those words hit Karla hard and she struggled to breathe as she took in each word in turn.
You may think you know what Karla will do next. But you’ll be wrong. Because Karla isn't who you think she is. Only she knows what's about to happen. And you will never see it coming.

My Thoughts:

Well, this is a page-turner. The first chapter is set three months after the rest of the book, so effectively the end of the story. You know straight away the main outcome of Karla and Jason’s marriage, but what happened in the three months that caused such a drastic ending?
Karla’s world is slowly falling apart, but whose fault is it? Her father? Jason? Or is she really to blame? As everything starts to unravel, she becomes irrational and unstable, putting everything she holds dear at risk. The story alternates between Karla and Jason’s point of view with a few chapters with her mother and father’s. Everyone seems to be harnessing a secret, and no one is talking to each other. I screamed at the book a number of times just wanting Karla and Jason to sit down and talk to each other like a couple in love should, but they were both too stubborn. The chapters often jump in time and events have unfolded that we have not been privy to. Secrets are being kept from us the reader also, piquing our interest and keeping us turning the page.
This book is filled to the rim of secrets, twists and turns. Small snippets are dropped into the story along the way to keep you intrigued and really keeps the suspense going. I really didn’t know what direction the story was going in. I did suspect one of the twists, but the major storyline I did not. It was very well-developed and cleverly written. I would have liked a little longer of an epilogue to find out what happened to everybody. It does end quite abruptly and left me wanting just a little bit more.
Overall, though, a brilliant psychological thriller and worthy of five stars!

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The Marriage Trap
by Sherly Browne
Date Started
12th July 2019
Date Finished
14th July 2019
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