Naughty or Nice - Laney Powell

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Official Blurb:

The last time I saw Cate Morgan, she called me a name not fit for public consumption and walked away. This time wasn’t much better, since I was dressed in a Santa suit and had a kid reciting her list of wants in my ear.
Of course, the last time, I'd told her to go, but that was beside the point. She was here, now, in front of me - right where I'd always wanted her. Well, there are other places I want her, but in front of me is a good place to start. Now that she’s here – I’m going to do things differently. I don't want to lose her again.
The challenge is getting her to see that we’re perfect for each other. I’m stuck playing Santa, so maybe I just need to get her to sit on my lap and tell me what she wants for Christmas. Then I can show her how nice it is to be on Santa’s Naughty List.

My Thoughts:

This was a slow burn of a book. For me, it felt a little too slow for such a short story, but you do get the full story here. There is a backstory with the history between Aleks and Cate. You get ample reasons as to why she is back in Bristol and what she is hoping for her future. I wish there had been a few more details on Aleks’ life, this was a little more vague, mainly concentrating on his parents business and why he didn’t want to inherit it.
I really liked Natalia in this as the first Spa Island girl book I read was hers. I feel like she is the lynchpin that connects them all. I know that this isn’t the case, but I think I will always have positive feelings towards her as starting me off on the Laney Powell and Spa Island journey.
I remember Aleks being mentioned in ‘Dear Shy Guy’, but I wasn’t expecting him to be so grumpy in his own story. He seemed like a big grizzly bear that would bite if you said the wrong thing. I couldn’t quite connect with him, which made it difficult to root for him and Cate as a couple.
Not the best of the Spa Island girl books that I have read but a pleasant read for an hour or so.

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Naughty or Nice
by Laney Powell
Date Started
14th July 2019
Date Finished
14th July 2019
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