Hot Apple Pie - Laney Powell

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Official Blurb:

Being dumped right before the holidays is the worst. The last thing I wanted to do was head off to a big family dinner where I could hear all about why I was suddenly single. My mom wasn't taking no for an answer. Family dinner it was. The last person I expected to see was the one man I'd always wanted, the one who'd never given me a second look. But there he was, eyes smiling with promise, right in front of me.
Could this be happening?
I was at loose ends, and figured why not? When my grandmother invited me to a Thanksgiving dinner with her old friend.
Arms full of pie, right in front of me.
Break out the whipped cream.

My Thoughts:

This was a very short and fast-paced story. At only 46 pages long this story is really packed in. However, we get backstories, current events and future happy ever after in such a short space. This author is so good at giving us a story that feels like it is so much longer than it is.
Nadia isn’t in a good place this Thanksgiving, and the last thing she wants to do is spend it with her family who is going to be judging her on her disaster of a life. She gets a pleasant surprise in the form of an old crush, Sam. After some harmless flirting over dinner, they sneak off to get a little bit more reacquainted.
The steamy section of this book comes around very fast, but there isn’t room for dithering they need to discover their connection and fast.
This is the second book in the Spa Island girls story (but can be read as a stand-alone). Although, not the best of the ones I have read it made for a pleasant and enjoyable half an hour read. The perfect book for if you need to fill a small reading gap that you may have!

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Hot Apple Pie
by Laney Powell
Date Started
12th July 2019
Date Finished
12th July 2019
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