Wedded and Finally Bedded - Olivia Hawthorne

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Official Blurb:

Princess Sarah I needed a husband.
Or should I say my kingdom of Bosnovia needed a royal wedding to stir up tourism and bring in enough money to replenish the royal coffers.
The problem was that I picked at random out of a book of bachelors, and the man I picked was a coarse American bad boy with tattoos and a beard and no clue how to exist in this strict, regulated world of mine.
I never used to like tattoos and men with rough edges, but I am beginning to...
But how do I tell him I might want to make this wedding official after the way I've treated him? Vincent Othello I needed a wife.
If I wanted to take over our family's multi-billion dollar business empire, not that I really wanted to.
I enjoyed my lifestyle of partying hard and playing harder, a new woman in my bed each night and no cares in the world as long as the money kept coming in.
My parents were going to put a stop to the money if I didn't grow up though, and they set their sights on getting the Othellos a royal title.
The problem was that when I saw Princess Sarah, I fell for her. And I fell hard.
Her look of disgust let me know where I stood though, so I went through with the sham wedding in name only.
But what happens when I can't stop thinking about her?
And wanting her?
And needing her in our marriage bed?
Will I ever be able to convince her to say yes a second time?

My Thoughts:

This was a different story than I expected from the Wedding Season collaboration. It was an arranged marriage, and it was about a princess!
Princess Sarah is having to take one for the team and get married. She needs to save her country and her lineage, and the only way she can do this is to get married. Vincent is your typical playboy, but his parents have had enough. If he wants to impress his future board members and take over his father’s business, he needs to settle down and get married.
The two reluctantly meet even though their worlds couldn’t be further apart and let the wedding be planned around them.
The story is really well-developed, it doesn’t feel rushed, and you get to know both of the characters separately and together. It is really lovely to see how each one of them is reacting to the situation and seeing events from two different perspectives. The timeline was a little jumbled, or I got myself confused; I’m not sure. Vincent is talking to his mum the day before the wedding at the end of a chapter. However, then we jump back in time in the next chapter and continue from there. It didn’t affect the story in any way; I just got myself a little confused for a moment.
I really loved the progression of this relationship. It was a good reminder that with our Royal Family, we forget they are people sometimes that have feelings and may just want to live a normal life. They didn’t choose to be born into that life, but they have an obligation.

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Wedded and Finally Bedded
by Olivia Hawthorne
Date Started
16th June 2019
Date Finished
16th June 2019
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