The Cross - Steve Cavanagh

Reading Challenge Category: Start of a back catalogue series

Official Blurb:

Eddie Flynn, con-man turned criminal lawyer, has an impossible choice.
He has damning evidence against a corrupt NYPD detective who stands accused of killing a suspect.
But if he uses this evidence in court, both he and his client - the dead man's widow - will be in mortal danger.
Should he risk their lives to win the case? Or keep quiet and let a murderer go free.

My Thoughts:

I’ve been meaning to read the Eddie Flynn series from the beginning for some time now after having read the last two books in the series already. I’m behind with my reading for this month, so I decided this was the perfect opportunity to read the short novella that is part of this series. It is unclear as to whether this is book one or two in the series, but to be honest, I’m not sure it’s essential to read them all in order as it hasn’t hindered me so far! I will read ‘The Defense’ next, followed by ‘The Plea’, so I will see after reading them where this should have fitted in!
This felt more ‘American’ than the later ones I’ve read, it all felt very dramatic, and there were many police procedures and laws that I didn’t quite follow. I did get quite lost on some of Eddie’s line of thinking as well. I don’t think this was a cultural thing; I just couldn’t quite follow everything that was going on.
So, I’m not sure if this was as good as the others that I have read. This could be down to it only being a novella, so it wasn’t as well-rounded and didn’t have the space for development and explanations as it would normally. It did feel like a full-length book; it didn’t feel rushed or anything; there was just something not quite right with it.
It did have genuinely terrifying moments, especially the scene on the boat and the one just following it. I was gripping onto the edge of my seat. So it certainly had the drama!
So, overall, I did enjoy it, but I did get lost at times, but I am looking forward to getting stuck into the fuller and more lengthy novels next month and finally knowing all there is to know about Eddie Flynn.

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The Cross
by Steve Cavanagh
Date Started
28th June 2021
Date Finished
29th June 2021
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