My Bright Firefly - Dana Grace

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Official Blurb:

Can a fable of over twenty years really predict the future?
Alex Curtis is the youngest of the five Curtis siblings, so her entire life has felt like a comparison. It’s the reason she lives such a wild life. The only way she can feel like people will see her for her. That is until she makes her annual trek to Blindman’s Peak. Flashings of her grandma’s fables play out causing her to second guess everything.
Nathan Headlam just wants to get away from his step-sisters wedding dramas and he’s been assured that this trail is the quietest one in Baxter Valley. What he doesn’t expect though is to be captivated by a curvaceous crimson beauty. But this beautiful woman is about to set off a chain reaction that will rock his entire world. Can he hang on for the ride?
My Bright Firefly is the fourth story in the Baxter Valley Sisters series. This is the story of Alex and Nathan and how Grandma’s fables might just be whispering the song of true love.

My Thoughts:

This was a little bit strange compared to the first three in the series as it had an element of supernatural in it. I know I was warned in the premise, but I wasn’t expecting such a big deal to be made or for it to be the basis for Alex and Nathan’s attraction to one another.
I think without this element, I would have enjoyed the story a lot more as it would have felt a lot more realistic. Alex is the sister of a few of the other characters that we have met previously, yet this is the first time the Grandma has had such a profound and celestial effect on one of her granddaughters.
In addition to this, the way Nathan disappears felt a little too forced, as if it was creating drama for the sake of drama. It was apparent what Alex would think, yet he couldn’t have taken just a few moments before rushing off to explain to her what was happening to avoid all the problems? It was all just too contrived for my liking.
So, although it was 58 pages of just a bit of light-hearted fun and the characters were likeable, and you do find yourself rooting for them, it just didn’t have quite the same magic as the first three books in the series. So, I am basing my star rating based on this comparison; it was a perfectly good book, just in my opinion, not as good as those that proceed it.

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My Bright Firefly
by Dana Grace
Date Started
27th June 2021
Date Finished
28th June 2021
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