Banned - Angel Devlin

Reading Challenge Category: Free book from the author

Official Blurb:


I have one rule. One. No overnight stays–ever. All the fun you like, as many times as you like, but you are never staying the night.
My mother had a rule too. Rachel is off-limits. BANNED. Any other girl. But never her.
They call him Heavenly Evan. A creator of bliss, but a breaker of hearts. He’s my long-time crush, and I just know he feels the same. He never lets a girl stay the night, they're BANNED. But I want to show him I'm different. So, I’m going to break in, stay the whole night, and break all the rules.
Or will he break my heart?

My Thoughts:

I’ve had this on my Kindle for quite some time, but I was saving it for when I need to make up my month’s book number. This was that month!
It wasn’t what I was expecting at all; I was expecting it to be so much darker and sexier. However, it is full of lightness and fun and was a pleasure to read. Even though we only get to know the characters on the surface, they are well developed. It is more about their attraction to one another than who they are as individuals. It is about forbidden love since their teenage years and their secret longing for one another until one night it all comes to a head (literally!!!)
This was just the right length for this story, although the ending did give me whiplash a bit with Evan’s reaction and gesture. I liked that the author didn’t feel the need to drag the ending out with an epilogue giving us an insight into the future with babies etc. We were left with our own imagination on how the two end up. We have the happy ever after we need from this kind of book, but it wasn’t overdone, and it didn’t outstay its welcome!
This is the first stand-alone Angel Devlin book I’ve read. All of her other books have either been part of the Flirt Club series or collaborated with Tracy Lorraine. This certainly won’t be the last, she is a fantastic writer, and this was an enjoyable book to read to finish off my month.

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by Angel Devlin
Date Started
29th June 2021
Date Finished
30th June 2021
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