The Chosen Ones (Book 5) - Carol Wyer

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Official Blurb:

On a hot summer’s morning, a young father is found murdered in a cornfield, outside the quiet town of Colton. Tied to a post, arms spread wide; Detective Robyn Carter is reminded of the crucifixion, and she knows she’s looking for a killer with a twisted sense of right and wrong.
The victim’s girlfriend is devastated, unable to fathom how she will tell her sick little boy. Still reeling from her own loss, Robyn vows she will find the killer – no matter what.
But then a local doctor – a popular woman with a young family of her own – is found dead outside her surgery. There are similarities between her and the first body and Robyn must take another look at the picture-postcard town, where no one has any enemies.
Can Robyn untangle the hidden web of secrets, lies, and smouldering grudges, at the heart of this close-knit community, before another life is lost?

My Thoughts:

I’ve finally caught up with this series ready for the bonus content being released next month by the author!
I think this was the best in the series so far as well, it was really gaining traction with all the characters, and it is a shame that there will be no more full-length books in the series.
The author managed to get the perfect blend of investigation interspersed with the team’s personal life. The snippets of home life weren’t overdone but were a welcome break from the horror of the crimes being committed. The perfect balance!
The murders were particularly gruesome, but that is to be expected from this author; however, I think she had outdone herself on these. The level of research that must have gone into the deaths and their links is phenomenal and very impressive.
There are a lot of shocks and turns throughout the book. I did guess who the person was in the ‘then’ sections and who was committing all the crimes. However, I couldn’t quite fathom why or the exact details, so it was fun seeing if I was right whilst the story unfolded.
I am very much looking forward to the conclusion of Robyn’s story next month, especially with how this book ended. I’m glad I timed this quite well to read because if I’d read them as they were released a few years ago, I’d be spitting feathers knowing there was going to be no conclusion for such a long period of time.
A brilliant series, one the author should be very proud of and I’m going to miss the characters once I’ve read the final instalment.

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The Chosen Ones (Book 5)
by Carol Wyer
Date Started
14th November 2020
Date Finished
16th November 2020
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