Stolen Girl - Sarah A. Denzil

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Official Blurb:

Emma, Aiden and Gina stand on the brink of a new life. After the trauma of Aiden’s abduction and return, they are slowly healing and returning to a fragile normality. Emma is desperate to protect her children, but the world is fascinated by Aiden, the silent child who is finally learning to speak for himself.
Against her better judgment, Emma allows her son to attend a talk show. Her worse nightmare comes true when her daughter, Gina, is snatched from the studio and a chilling game begins.
Emma is convinced the answers lie in the darkest corners of the family’s past, and that Aiden must be able to work out the puzzle, if only he dare reach into the horrors of his memory.
But as the mystery deepens and Gina is still missing, the family must face a terrible question: is history repeating itself, or is there a new enemy to contend with?
Layered with emotion, and told from Aiden and Emma’s perspectives, the sequel to Silent Child is a dark and thrilling listen.

My Thoughts:

So having read both ‘Silent Child’ and “Aiden’s Story,’ I jumped at the chance to read the next instalment in the series.
This book shows the aftermath of everything that happened in’ Silent Child’ and how the family is coping. We are given both Emma’s and Aiden’s voices to follow so we know what is going on with both of them throughout the story. The chapters are also interspersed with a third voice, but we aren’t privy to who this belongs to at first.
Even though this is still a gripping read, and you are really invested in the characters at this point, I didn’t feel the same kind of intenseness that had me overwhelmed in the first book. With how Emma was being overprotective, it was kind of obvious what was going to happen (and the title of the book gave it away). So there were no significant surprises.
Emma is still as irrational as she was the first time around and makes some very questionable choices. She does, however, have a sense of calmness about her as well, maybe due to being a pro at dealing with these situations now.
So even though this is a great read, and I did thoroughly enjoy it, it didn’t quite match the masterpiece that was the ‘Silent Child’. I walked away from it thinking, “did this add anything to the story as a whole?” and I’m not sure it did. However, after having invested in these characters before, it is still a must-read to truly bring the story to its ultimate conclusion.

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Stolen Girl
by Sarah A. Denzil
Date Started
9th August 2021
Date Finished
15th August 2021
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