My Little Intruder - Dana Grace

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Official Blurb:

Sometimes not knowing what’s waiting for you at home is exactly what you need…
All I wanted to do was come home and lie low for a few days, adjust to civilian life. Instead, I’ve come upon a woman living in my house, and I can’t kick her out without alienating my sisters. It’ll only be for a couple of days/weeks they’ve said, but as that date fast approaches I’m not sure I want her to leave. What is it about her? Can I be everthing she needs?
It was just meant to be a few weeks. I wasn’t meant to be here when he got home. Now, I stuck in limbo waiting for him to tell me to get out. But if there is anything the Curtis sisters have taught me, it’s I just need to stay optimistic, because maybe there could be a place for me in Baxter Valley?

My Thoughts:

I loved Lucas and Tiffany’s story; it was just so heartwarming!
Lucas returns from active duty to find a strange woman living in his house. When all he wants is to decompress, and some time to adjust, he doesn’t expect to want to spend all of that time with this alluring stranger!
Tiffany is a bit of a weak mouse due to her confidence being knocked by her ex, but she starts to feel whole again when she is around Lucas.
They really worked well together, and the author captured their chemistry perfectly. Even though this is a short story, you still find yourself rooting for their happiness and for there to be the perfect ending.
The author went for just one epilogue in the actual book this time, and there is an optional extra for you to download if you want more of this couple. The epilogue in this book isn’t overdone and gives us just the perfect glimpse of what is in store for Lucas and Tiffany’s futures.
I did download the extra epilogue to read, but I found all the unknown characters referenced in this to be a bit overwhelming as I didn’t really know who they were all talking about. So, I felt like I was reading a different ending to another book. So, personally, I think I should have left it after the epilogue provided in the book and not bothered with the extra.
Overall, a brilliant addition to the Baxter Valley series, and I’m looking forward to reading Sean’s story soon!

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My Little Intruder
by Dana Grace
Date Started
7th August 2021
Date Finished
7th August 2021
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