Beneath The Surface - Sibel Hodge

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Official Blurb:

Dean Hudson didn’t look evil…so what could drive an ordinary boy to kill?
When the teenage son of Holly Gold’s school friend brutally murders his parents before killing himself, her sleepy home town is rocked by the sudden tragedy.
Appalled, Holly investigates. What could have caused the happy-go-lucky boy she remembers to commit such a heinous crime? When another teen commits suicide, she uncovers a horrifying link between the recent deaths and a dark conspiracy to hide the truth.
But someone doesn’t want Holly asking questions and, as she hunts for evidence to prove her theory, she’s dragged into a nightmare that threatens her life and her sanity. Then tragedy strikes again—and this time it’s closer to home…

My Thoughts:

Sibel Hodge’s books usually grip me right from the start. I know that when picking one up, it isn’t going to let me down. Unfortunately, this one was the exception. I found there wasn’t enough going on in the first 60% to really enthral me, and so I found it quite hard going, and it took me for what felt like forever to read.
I persevered with it, though, because as I was reading, I could feel something brewing, and so I put my trust in this author to really bring the story home. She did just that; the last 40% felt like a different book. So much action happens, and you really get the whole picture, and everything is explained. You can tell that the author has done her homework on the subject of pharmaceutical companies, and it made for an eye-opening read.
I did feel it had many similarities with ‘Dark Shadows’ that I read a few months ago. Until the big reveal of what was happening, I felt like this was a weaker version of that story. Of course, the outcomes are entirely different.
So, overall not the best Sibel Hodge book that I have read but I do like being educated on the world’s corruption, so for that, it gets a solid three-star rating.

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Beneath The Surface
by Sibel Hodge
Date Started
17th August 2021
Date Finished
23rd August 2021
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