Sing for Me - Rachel Schurig

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Official Blurb:

Will Ransome was born into rock and roll royalty. His dad and uncles make up the most popular rock band in recent history. His siblings and cousins had instruments in their hands before they were old enough to read. Music is in his blood.
But Will wants nothing to do with it.
Will learned the hard way that fame and fortune are not all they’re cracked up to be. There’s a dark side to the rock and roll life, and Will had a front row seat to the destruction it caused. Now he’s determined to stay far from his famous father’s footsteps.
Eva Lidell was poised to be the next big thing when her world came crashing down. Instead of enjoying life as America's foremost pop princess, Eva now spends most of her time hiding away from the world she can no longer trust.
When Will meets Eva, something he didn’t even know was missing clicks into place. The sparks between them are instantaneous. Overwhelming. Dangerous. For the first time, both Will and Eva think they might be able to share their bruised and battered hearts with someone else...
Until Eva decides it's time for her to give superstardom another try, leaving Will to wonder if they have any chance together. How can he fall in love with a woman determined to work her way back to the same spotlight that nearly ruined his life?

My Thoughts:

Oh my, I really love Will and Eva and pretty much everything about this book!
I was a bit unsure when I heard the author was going to fast forward in time so that we could see the Ransome kids all grown up and follow their lives instead of the Ransome brothers. However, this is the perfect follow-on to the series. Rachel gets it just right so that we get glimpses into the lives of the characters we love but while introducing their children in particular, in this book, Cash’s son Will.
I’m so glad the author posted on Facebook the family tree so that I could keep up with who was who. I referred to this many times while reading the book. So if you’ve not seen this, I suggest you have a look as it really does help (I’ve added it as an image at the bottom of this review!). It gives you all the cousins ages as well; there are so many of them; it’s hard to keep up with them all.
Will is such a fantastic character as is Eva. I loved Eva’s vulnerability, this was written beautifully, and you really cared for her. There is plenty of mystery from the two that is slowly unravelled as the book progresses. They are so sweet together as well.
All of the characters feel like real people, not made up and named by the author. I kept thinking how ingenious the names the brothers had come up with for their children and then remembering, no that accolade belongs to the author!
I can’t wait to see what Rachel has in store for us next in this Ransome world; I’m really excited to get Rose’s story next as there were a few tidbits dropped here and there to whet the appetite. Also, like all of the brothers, we are most fascinated with Rosa as she was the firstborn!!
Overall, a superb book and a great addition to the Ransome series. It was so great to be back in this world again and to see all of the brothers and their wives all grown up.

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Sing For Me
by Rachel Schurig
Date Started
8th August 2020
Date Finished
11th August 2020
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