The Wife - Shalini Boland

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Official Blurb:

Zoe fainted on her wedding day, and she never knew why. She’s always felt sure something bad happened. Ten years later, she’s going to find out what…
It was supposed to be the happiest day of her life. Zoe was sitting in her hotel room, in her perfect white dress, looking forward to the moment when she would make kind, handsome Toby her husband.
Then, there was a blank.
They said she must have fainted, overcome with emotion. But nothing felt quite right afterwards. Did something happen in that missing time?
Now, Toby and Zoe have two beautiful children and a perfect life. They’re planning their ten-year anniversary party for their family and friends. The invitations have been sent, the food ordered. They’re going back to the grand hotel where they got married.
But as the anniversary gets closer, it becomes clear not everyone is looking forward to celebrating. She catches Toby lying about where he’s been. One of her best friends seems to be ignoring her. And someone is spreading stories that might stop the party from happening at all.
Zoe is increasingly sure that she doesn’t have the full story. But does she want to know the truth, if it will destroy everything?

My Thoughts:

Shalini Boland does it again; she has knocked out another fantastic read that doesn’t let up and has you hooked from the start. I don’t think I’ve read a bad book by her yet!
This is gripping right from the start where Zoe wakes up her wedding day after fainting. You know something happened but have no idea what and even when it is revealed I didn’t see it coming at all.
All the characters were really colourful and well developed. Zoe appears to be slowly losing her mind. Minimal problems and what would seem insignificant if they were stand-alone occurrences are being thrown at her. Her life seems to be falling apart.
Everything that is happening could be due to a myriad of reasons. You honestly don’t know what direction the story is going to take.
When there is a big reveal, and you find out a secret of Zoe’s, it was a bit disappointing, and I was thinking is that it, that is all she was worried about? However, then the book comes and hits you over the head with shock after shock. I couldn’t believe what I was reading, but it all made sense, and everything started to fall into place.
The ending really was superb, and I do love being taken by surprise by a book like this. I honestly thought it was going to peter out and just end; I couldn’t have been more wrong.
A fantastic Psychological Thriller and I definitely recommend it. It’s quite short too so you can really get through it fast to get the answers to everything that is happening.

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The Wife
by Shalini Boland
Date Started
6th August 2020
Date Finished
8th August 2020
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