Roses are Red - Miranda Rijks

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Official Blurb:

She wanted a second chance at happiness. She got a first-class ticket to hell.
Lydia Palmer seems to have it all - a thriving business, a beautiful house, a picture-perfect husband and two wonderful kids. But things are different behind closed doors - Lydia is desperately unhappy and wants a divorce.  Then, shockingly, her husband Adam dies.
When her grief eases, Lydia starts online dating and almost immediately meets Patrick. Handsome, successful, loving, he’ll make the perfect second husband.
But is Patrick too good to be true? Can you really find prince charming online?
These are questions Lydia is forced to ask when her world begins to collapse. First, the police say Adam may have been murdered. Then her daughter turns against her, her business disintegrates…
Lydia is convinced that someone is trying to destroy her happiness. She’s wrong. They want so much more than that…

My Thoughts:

Miranda Rijks certainly knows how to write the most perfect Psychological Thriller. This book keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole way through not knowing where it is going to go or what is happening.
It starts off with a ruthless murder, and from there, it gets more and more sinister. I was actually asking myself after reading the first chapter, how do these writers come up with such graphic ways to kill people!? I’d never in a million years come up with these ideas!
Lydia is a tad on the annoying side; she keeps making blunder after blunder. She was hoping from one disaster to the next, and it was quite frustrating. I couldn’t feel any chemistry between her and Patrick, so I’m not sure what she was clinging on to! The blurb has the question “Can you really find prince charming online?” and the answer for me is “most definitely, yes!” for Lydia; however, I think she would have been better off looking after her kids and not putting herself first.
This was undoubtedly a tale, though, of being careful of who you trust and let into your life. I think as Lydia says, in the end, you can be cautious but still willing to keep your heart open. There are lots of twists and turns at the end to make your time invested in this book worthwhile. Although some were unsurprising, it was still great to read the conclusion and have all the pieces fit together.
Overall, another fantastic read from Rijks and I can’t wait for her next book already! More Pippa Durrant, though, please!

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Roses are Red
by Miranda Rijks
Date Started
12th April 2020
Date Finished
14th April 2020
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