His Champagne - Dori Lavelle

Reading Challenge Category: A catch-up Flirt Club book

Official Blurb:

The forbidden fruit has never tasted so good...or so bitter.
I'm Eva Marone, and my father says I'm going to hell.
After Adrian Saylor dumps me at the altar, I ditch my pastor's daughter image and become a sinner.
Sin number one.
I quit my job as the church receptionist and move to LA to work as a cocktail waitress, at the Little Black Dress.
Sin number two.
I lose my virginity during a one-night-stand to a hot stranger whose name I don't even know... inside an elevator.
The morning after, I find my sinful moment splashed across the pages of a tabloid magazine, my dirty little secret on display for all the world to see.
As it turns out, my one nightstand is Neal LaClaire. He's not only one of the most eligible bachelors, he comes from one of the wealthiest families in the world.
Being in the spotlight—in a negative way—has never been in my plans, but how can I clean up my image when the press refuses to back off? Every time my face appears in the paper, the stain on my reputation darkens. Until Neal makes me an offer I can't refuse.

My Thoughts:

This was refreshingly different from the other books I have read in the Cocktail Girls series. They usually start with the girl already working at the LBD club, but here we meet Eva before she moves to Vegas.
Eva has been left at the altar and wants to escape everything she knows, including her controlling father.
Neal LaClaire is still grieving from the loss of his wife and unborn baby, every year he goes to Vegas to try and recapture her memory. This year is different as he feels himself start to heal and meets Eva, who knocks him sideways.
There is lots of drama and events to really keep you hooked. This felt like a much longer book than just 94 pages. You really get to know the characters and their past demons. You really feel their pain and are rooting for them to find happiness.
This was the perfect book from start to finish. There are no cliche endings but has the perfect conclusion for the story that we have read.
I’m certainly glad I left the best to last as this was the final book that I had to read of the series. Brilliantly written and truly captivating.

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HIs Champagne
by Dori Lavelle
Date Started
11th April 2020
Date Finished
12th April 2020
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