The Slope King - Sierra Hill

Reading Challenge Category: A catch-up Flirt Club book

Official Blurb:

This Slope King will be crowning his Snow Queen…
Hollis Taylor has worked her ass off for Flying Aces, the PR firm owned by her grandfather, and she’s ready for her next big promotion. Unfortunately, there’s two hurdles the size of Olympic ski jumps in her way before she can take over the top spot.
First, she must sign the cocky Swiss athlete, Kellan Muller, Olympic world champion skier, to her client list. The same man she spent a week getting to know very intimately during the last Winter Olympics.
And second, she must get married. Under her grandfather’s terms, he wants her settled down before taking over his family-run business.
A much more difficult task to accomplish considering her relationship status is presently zilch. Unless Hollis can find someone who also has a problem that can be solved by a fake marriage, she's in a tough bind.
But along comes Kellan, the one who makes her belly and heart flutter at the sound of his voice. A man who may also have a problem that a marriage of convenience could solve.
Will they be able to fix their situations with a quick marriage? Or will it only create a bigger snowball effect?

My Thoughts:

This is a fast-paced short story about two people falling in love while mutually benefiting from the arrangements on a practical level also.
Hollis needs to find a husband fast so she can inherit her grandfather’s business, and Kellan needs a wife so he can stay in the US. When they meet up again after two years since their brief dalliance, the chemistry is undeniable.
They have a whirlwind romance, but their feelings start to grow for one another, and they realise that there is more to this union than fraudulent behaviour.
This was well written, and the story didn’t feel forced despite the hectic manner in which the couple need to get together.
It was a great addition to the Bachelor Mountain series by the Flirt Club.

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The Slope King
by Sierra Hill
Date Started
14th April 2020
Date Finished
14th April 2020
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