Ride: B.A.D Inc #2 - Tracy Lorraine and Angel Devlin

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Official Blurb:

Mine to rule. Mine to ravish. Mine to ride.
I thrive on weakness. Everyone has one, and I play on it until I get what I want.
And I ALWAYS get what I want.
I keep my private life private while my business reputation precedes me. That includes testing out each and every one of my assistants to ensure they’re capable of dealing with the likes of me.
None are.
Until her.
Anna Hawley. A rare breed: an intern who actually wants to do the job not her employer. She keeps rejecting my advances and it only makes me want her more.
But Anna has secrets of her own and when her lies start to unravel, I won’t stop until she fully understands the repercussions of trying to manipulate me.
Will she hate me, or is there something between us she can't deny?

My Thoughts:

I really ummed and ahhed before requesting this on Booksprout. I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to read about another dominating bad boy. However, I remembered how ‘Torment’ ended with Anna being heard on the phone, and my curiosity got the better of me.
I’m so glad it did as Tyler was a bit of a softie compared to some of the characters Tracy Lorraine has been writing lately. He seemed caring and genuinely appeared to like Anna. Yes, he has a bit of an attitude and a messed up past that affects his moods, but he was, to begin with, a lot more thoughtful. That is until he is crossed and then the badass came out to play. He has some dirty tricks up his sleeve but what set him apart from a lot of bad boys was that he lamented a lot of his actions after the event. He knew sometimes he’d gone too far and was remorseful.
This book certainly had a much darker feel to it; I really felt like I was reading one of my Psych Thrillers. I was afraid for Anna’s life, and the scene in the warehouse was just shocking and unexpected. It was really gritty, and I loved it.
This was brilliantly written and was elevated from just a steamy novel. Yes, there was lots of sex and domination scenes, but they weren’t the focus. The characters were really likeable and relatable. It was great to get cameos from Deacon and Mia, and even though they were all lovey-dovey, they still held onto what made them great characters. The attitude was still there, which is often lost once characters become loved up.
This was a great addition to the series, and I won’t be hesitating when the next one is available to request. I’m intrigued to see who we will get to follow next as there are so many potential characters.

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Ride: B.A.D Inc #2
by Tracy Lorraine and Angel Devlin
Date Started
1st June 2020
Date Finished
3rd June 2020
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