One Day in Summer - Shari Low

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Official Blurb:

One day in summer, three lives are about to change forever.
After two decades of looking after others, this is the day that Agnetha McMaster is reclaiming her life. It's her turn, her time but will she have the courage to start again?
Ten years ago, Mitchell McMaster divorced Agnetha and married her best friend, Celeste. Now he suspects his second wife is having an affair. This is the day he’ll discover if karma has come back to bite him.
Thanks to a DNA test, this is the day that Hope McTeer will finally meet her biological father. But will the reunion bring Hope the answers that she’s looking for?
Three people. Twenty-four hours. A lifetime of secrets to unravel.

My Thoughts:

Well, this is the first time in ages I’ve stayed up until 2 am reading a book! I just couldn’t stop reading until I’d finished it. Even though I’d guessed the big outcome at the end, it didn’t stop me wanting to read along and experience it with the characters.
I do love this series of books from Shari Low, you get new characters each time, but it is set in the same world as many others that Shari Low has written, and a few recurring characters pop up in each of them making you feel like you are visiting family! You also have the same formula whereby there are four chapters per two-hour time slot set over a day.
The characters in this book were as a whole likeable. We are following Agnetha (how on earth do you pronounce this, I was stumbling over the name every time I read it!) a divorcee with an exciting past. She is trying to recapture the carefree attitude she had when she was younger.
We also have Mitchell, Agnetha’s ex-husband. He has made some questionable decisions in the past, and now they are coming back to bite him, and he is realising the great life he has built isn’t all that brilliant after all.
Finally, we have Hope, a young student seeking the truth about her past.
The three characters stories are set over two hour time spans and are interspersed with a chapter from the past. The past chapter is the most intriguing as this is building up to something and at the same time tying in with what was unfolding in the present. It was the past chapters that I was rushing through the book to read to see what would happen.
This was a great addition to the series, be prepared for the emotions to run high. You will laugh and cry along with the characters. Shari Low really does know how to write an emotional book that evokes all the feels!
She advises at the beginning of the book that it is set in May 2020 but was written before any of the lockdown nightmare happened. I’m glad it was written before this as it was the perfect escape to normal life. I wouldn’t have liked it to incorporate the suffocation that we are all experiencing; a departure from reality is always welcomed, especially at the moment!

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One Day in Summer
by Shari Low
Date Started
3rd June 2020
Date Finished
5th June 2020
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