Somebody’s Daughter - Carol Wyer

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Official Blurb:

One by one the girls disappeared…
When the frail body of a teenage girl is discovered strangled in a parking lot, shards of ice form in Detective Natalie Ward’s veins. As Natalie looks at the freckles scattered on her cheeks and the pale pink lips tinged with blue, she remembers that this innocent girl is somebody’s daughter…
The girl is identified as missing teenager Amelia Saunders, who has run away from home and her controlling father. Natalie’s heart sinks further when it becomes clear that Amelia has been working on the streets, manipulated by her violent new boyfriend Tommy.
A day later, another vulnerable girl is found strangled on a park bench. Like Amelia, Katie Bray was a runaway with connections to Tommy, and Natalie is determined to find him and track down the monster attacking these scared and lonely girls.
But when a wealthy young woman is found murdered the next morning, the word ‘guilty’ scrawled on her forehead, Natalie realises that the case is more complex than she first thought. Determined to establish a connection between her three victims, Natalie wastes no time in chasing down the evidence, tracing everyone who crossed their paths. Then, a key suspect’s body turns up in the canal, a mole in Natalie’s department leaks vital information and everything seems to be against her. Can Natalie stop this clever and manipulative killer before they strike again?

My Thoughts:

As always when a new Carol Wyer book is due to come out, especially when it is a DI Natalie Ward book, I am chomping at the bit to get my hands on it. I was both fortunate and unlucky to get my NetGalley request approved, but it happened on the day I was moving house. I was absolutely exhausted at the end of moving day, but I really wanted to start the book, my eyelids had a different idea though, and as much as it pained me, I had to wait a few days until all the physical move stuff was over. I wanted to be able to savour the book and enjoy it and not read it in small snippets.
So I put it to one side and started it anew a few days later. I’m so glad I did as this book deserved all of my attention. Carol has knocked another five star plus book out of the park. Utterly brilliant and gripping!
We are once again following Natalie and her team on a murder investigation. However, lots of things have changed since the last book as they have moved premises and characters have had promotions. I’m not a big lover of change, but Wyer holds our hand throughout the developments. The characters themselves are struggling with a few of the adjustments, and this helps us, the reader, to adapt alongside them.
It had a very different feel to it from the previous books in the series; I felt like my affiliation with Natalie was removed somewhat. She was no longer the prominent lead on the investigation, and some of the other characters started to come to the forefront. This transition certainly stopped the series from getting stale. It felt renewed and invigorated as there is so much more to explore. Even though the events of book five are still on everyone’s minds, the pain is fading, and life is continuing. Wyer is getting the balance of this just perfect as the books continue to progress.
The story itself was as gruesome as expected, and when one of the bodies was discovered and described, I did feel slightly pale. As always, you have no idea who has done anything or why any of the actions have happened. Everything is kept for the big reveal at the end. We are along for the ride, but we have to wait and see the outcome alongside the police officers.
This was a delightful addition to the series, and I can’t wait to see where the DCI Ward team are taken next!

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Somebody's Daughter
by Carol Wyer
Date Started
27th May 2020
Date Finished
30th May 2020
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