Retribution - Caroline Mitchell


Reading Challenge Category: Free from author

Official Blurb:

Marrying her husband was meant to be a way out of her old life. But the escape Cathy longed for soon became her worst nightmare. Retribution was the only way of putting it right.

My Thoughts:

I received this short story from Caroline Mitchell via her newsletter that I’d signed up for. I’ve liked everything I’ve read of hers so far and so was delighted to receive this little snippet of a story for free. I had just the perfect amount of time to read this, so I slotted it in.
It was undoubtedly fast-paced with it only being very short (sorry I don’t have the page count). A lot happens to Cathy. We get an insight into how bad life is and how desperate a situation she finds herself in.
We don’t get a lot of details as to what happened; we are very much on the periphery of the story, though. The ending was very shocking and was very well thought out to have sprung this on us and managed to shock us in this way after such a short story.
I would very much have liked for this to be longer and to have a few of the details filled in. However, for its length, it was a lovely little read.

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by Caroline Mitchell
Date Started
28th December 2019
Date Finished
28th December 2019