Resolution: Good Text - Deana Farrady

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Official Blurb:

He’s Rafail Slutsky, Olympic medalist. Women drool over his ripped body. He helps charities. He’s a god in a man suit.
I’m Cecily Spangler, geek. I snark. I draw. I huddle in my shell like a turtle. Nobody has ever heard of me.
Do I need to spell out how wrong we are for each other?
Luckily, I’m done with fantasies of celebrities I have no hope of ever meeting. On New Year’s Eve, I resolve to flirt with the nerdy guy I’ve been crushing on over on my favorite forum. I know nothing about him, but I just have this feeling we have a lot in common.
And then, joy of joys, he messages me back.
Before I know it, I’m in deeper than I ever expected. The connection between us SIZZLES. I only hope that if we ever meet in person, I’ll live up to his imaginings.
One small problem: he just sent me a text. He wants to meet me. Now.
I figure the worst that can happen is that we have no chemistry, right?
Wrong...because there's a lot more to this nerd than I ever dreamed...

My Thoughts:

Well, this was a surprisingly fantastic book. It is the only Deana Farrady book I have read and the only book she has done for the Flirt Club (unless she has written under another pen name, which I know a lot of them do?) It’s such a shame if she hasn’t as I think this is one of the best Flirt Club books I have read!
It was such a lovely slow-burn romance. The texting and messaging between Cecily and Tank were really hesitant and real, to begin with, it then blossoming to be so much more. I did guess the twist but that just added to the anticipation a little to see if I was right!
The book had the most suitable and ideal ending, no cliches, just perfect!
The whole premise and layout of the book were different from most of the others I’ve read. They develop an attraction based solely on personality and not looks. This was a very refreshing take and made the story more realistic and relatable.
A brilliant book, I will have to hunt down some more of Deana Farrdy’s books, as I believe she has written more just not for the Flirt Club.

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Resolution: Good Text
by Deana Farrady
Date Started
28th December 2019
Date Finished
28th December 2019
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