Snow Job - Laney Powell

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Official Blurb:

If I have to face another year avoiding the guys at my accounting firm, I’m going to lose my ever-loving mind.
So when I apply for a second job as an instructor at my favorite ski resort, I feel like everything is adding up perfectly. But when the guy interviewing me turns out to be the same guy I mowed down not twenty-four hours ago on the slopes, it seems like the universe really is conspiring against me.
Markus happens to be the yummiest specimen I have ever seen cutting up the powder. He’s irresistible and things between us are hot enough to melt snow. But when his ex-girlfriend shows up, that’s my cue to nope on out of there…
I won’t be put on ice for any man; not even one who fills my dreams and makes me wish I was his own personal snow bunny.

My Thoughts:

The start of this story was a little disjointed and didn’t really flow. We first see Annalise on New Year’s Eve vowing to make changes this year in regards to her career. We then jump to a ski resort to meet Marcus, but Annalise is there also, and she is applying for a job. It comes out of the blue with no real transition. She wanted to cut down the amount her life was controlled by work, but yet she is taking on a second job on the weekends, therefore working seven days a week. The storyline just seemed a little forced to make sure that both of these characters ended up in the same place.
Once past this initial stumbling block, the story did get a little better but still somewhat cumbersome. The scenes didn’t flow well, and the return of Cara, Marcus’ ex was unnecessary drama.
I did like Annalise and Marcus as a couple, and I would rather instead have spent more time getting to know them rather than having too much of a story rammed into such a short book. Not the best of Laney Powell’s stories, I’m afraid, and I didn’t feel it fit very well with the Resolution collaboration of the Flirt Club.

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Snow Job
by Laney Powell
Date Started
16th July 2019
Date Finished
17th July 2019
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