Mistletoe Kisses - Tracy Lorraine

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Official Blurb:

Are you ready to fall in love under the mistletoe?
Join fourteen bestselling authors as they take you back to some of their favorite worlds, with this collection of all-new young and new adult short stories.
'Tis the season for friendship, family, first love, and FEELS.
Pre-order this upcoming charity anthology and help raise funds for One October, a non-profit helping the lives of children in foster care.

My Thoughts:

This is an anthology of books by fourteen different authors, and the proceeds from the sale of the book are going to a children in foster care charity. I usually receive ARC copies of any Tracy Lorraine books, but in this instance, I was happy to buy the book and contribute a little to the worthy cause.
I have only read Tracy Lorraine’s contribution so far as I think most of the books are linked to existing worlds that I’ve not read. In Tracy’s section, we get to revisit Jake and Amelie from her Rosewood High series.
When I read the last book in that series, I remember thinking how can so many teenagers find their happy ever after in school. I thought it might be nice to revisit them in the future to see how they are all doing. This sort of does that. We get to see Jake and Amelie having their first Christmas together and even though they are still all loved up there are still issues for them to deal with. They haven’t just entered a happy ever after bliss but are still living their lives. So, it was great to revisit these characters.
It is a very short and quick insight into their lives, but it was enough, for now, to satisfy my curiosity.
Hopefully, I will get to read some more of the novellas in this book one day, but for now, I give Tracy five stars for writing a realistic follow-on.

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Mistletoe Kisses
by Tracy Lorraine
Date Started
18th November 2020
Date Finished
18th November 2020
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