Marrying Mr Valentine - Laura Barnard

Marrying mr valentine

Reading Challenge Category: a book about love

Official Book Blurb:

Nadine Roberts smiles for everyone, but beneath it she hides a heartbreaking past that only a few know about. Throwing herself into her new career; wedding planner at The Duck & Goose, a property recently purchased by newlyweds Florence and Hugh, has helped distract her from her loneliness.
When a teary bride suddenly cancels her upcoming wedding Nadine looks to the two year waiting list. Clara Blumenkrantz and Hartley Valentine. It’ll have to be a quick turnaround, but what’s the worst that can happen, right?
This should be like every other wedding she plans, but the magnetism she feels towards Mr Valentine disrupts the orderly life she’s worked hard to carve out.
Can she ignore her intense desires and be a professional? Or will she open up her heart to the one person that has the power to break it? And in doing so endanger not just her job, but her venue’s reputation?

My Thoughts:

I’ve read all of Laura Barnard’s books, and I’ve enjoyed them all but 2, and I’m afraid this was the 2nd! When I read the last book I didn’t like of hers I put it down to it being a slightly different genre as it was (I think) aimed at a somewhat different age group. However, this one, I’d really been looking forward to as I’d enjoyed the first in the series and this was a follow-up. It wasn’t going to be mind-blowing or the best book ever but I was expecting a nice feel-good, funny, normal book. What I got instead was a protagonist that was judgmental and opinionated to the point that she was insulting. I think half of what was written was supposed to be funny, but it just came across as crass.
I would just like to say that just because someone doesn’t like kids or doesn’t want kids, this doesn’t make them a monster. It just means they have a different point of view, yes, I admit to the majority of the population, but it doesn’t make them a bad person as they were all being portrayed in this book.
So, I’m afraid, Laura Barnard has been taken off my favourite author list, and I won’t be reading any more of her books. I don’t think I’ve ever done this before I’ve tried authors out and never read any more of their books again if I’ve not liked them, but I’ve never stopped following an author once I’ve read so many of their books!

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Marrying Mr Valentine
by Laura Barnard
Date Started
22nd February 2018
Date Finished
24th February 2018
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