Falling Snow - Alexis Adaire

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Official Blurb:

It’s a Whisker Wonderland!
What began as a genealogy research trip for Miami attorney Snow Wyatt becomes so much more when she arrives in Alaska and encounters a living, breathing mountain man. In short order, everything she thought she wanted melts away and she has to decide what her priorities in life truly are.
Nick Kringle lives a solitary life in his cabin, miles from town and other humans, and that’s the way he wants it—just a man and his dog. When a gorgeous lawyer shows up in nearby Fairbanks and shows interest in him and his cabin, he agrees to give her a tour, which becomes complicated by an ill-timed snowstorm.
Can Snow stop herself from falling for a man so very different from herself? And more importantly, does she really want to?

My Thoughts:

Well, this was a lovely, cheesy, fast and steamy read.
It is a short read at only 56 pages long, but the author gives us everything we need. There is a full-blown story, character development and lots and lots of sexy naked time with a mountain man! I was worried whilst reading it, how they would be able to achieve the happy ever after. Snow and Nick live entirely different lives at opposite ends of the country. However, all is revealed, and it’s a natural progression and didn’t feel forced.
Snow did have a bit of an obsession with Nick’s eligibility, so she did come across as a bit of a gold digger, but this is the only tiny negative I can find with the book.
This has been my favourite so far of the FlirtClub Mountain Men books. You could really feel the passion between the couple coming off the page, and it was a great short story to read.

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Falling Snow
by Alexis Adaire
Date Started
11th December 2020
Date Finished
11th December 2020
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