I Choose You - Gayle Curtis

Reading Challenge Category: Received free with Amazon First Reads

Official Blurb:

When a killer chooses you, what choice do you have?
Thirty years ago, Elise and Nathaniel shared a horrific trauma that united them in grief. Now, grown up and married with a young family, they feel their worst nightmares are behind them. Until the day their daughter is abducted and murdered.
Both Elise and Nathaniel lost their mothers to a notorious killer who manipulated innocent victims into taking their own lives. Could it be that ‘the Watcher’ has returned for another round of the same sadistic game? Why now? And why are Elise and Nathaniel being targeted again?
When Elise’s family falls under suspicion, her world crashes down around her. Is there anyone she can trust, or is her whole life built on lies?
Only one thing is clear: someone left their cruel game unfinished all those years ago. This time the Watcher intends to win – once and for all.

My Thoughts:

This is a book full of twists and turns, and it will certainly keep you guessing the whole way through.
The storylines involved were a little too much, there was just an overkill of story to have to keep up with. It was hard to keep up with the timeline as well and to remember whether something had happened in the ‘then’ or ‘now’. The majority of the book is written in the ’then’ which is unusual as these chapters are usually few and far between. So by the time you come back to the ‘now', you’ve almost forgotten what was happening with the characters the last time you left them there.
It started off with a good premise and a promising beginning, but it was very easy to get lost in the plot lines. Elise was your typical female protagonist in a Psychological Thriller whereby no one is prepared to take her seriously, and she feels like she has no one to turn to.
The complete abandonment of the children felt a little strange. I don’t have children, but from what I understand you will tear the world apart to keep them safe, this just wasn’t the case in this book.
So, as the book progressed, it got harder and harder to read and wasn’t as enjoyable as I expected. I received this as an Amazon Prime First Read, and I’m glad I gave it a go, but I won’t be reading any more by this author.

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I choose You
by Gayle Curtis
Date Started
12th December 2020
Date Finished
13th December 2020
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