Dear Hungry Wolf - Vivian Ward

Dear hungry wolf

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Official Blurb:

I go through women like new cars. Drive ‘em around the block and then I’m onto the newest model, but I’m tired of searching for the next best thing. Somehow my business partner convinces me to use a matchmaker, but I have some serious doubts.
And then I’m paired with 22-year-old Tillie Everett. She’s gorgeous and pure in every aspect. When I said I wanted innocent, I had no idea I’d be matched with a virgin. But this sweet little number wants to be tainted. Oh, Tillie, you have no idea how much trouble you’re in when I get my hands on you.

My Thoughts:

I thought I’d read all the ‘Dear’ books that I could find on Booksprout, but then this one popped up and I couldn’t resist re-visiting Grace’s matchmaker service!
This was a tolerable read; it didn’t blow me away but didn’t annoy me too much either. His friend, in the beginning, makes having a relationship sound really dull! If I were Cole after that speech, I would have ignored him!
There are strange abbreviations in the book with no explanation, what on earth is DDLG?? If you are going to use an acronym then the first time you use it you need to give the full explanation, so we know what it is!
Oh, no no no no no ‘daddy’ really!? I just cringed when I read that, that is so not sexy. There’s dominant, and then there’s just creepy! The chemistry from them was electric, but then this happened, and I just wanted to curl up and hide.
The ending was quite rushed, and I would have liked a more ‘unique’ romantic gesture rather than just copying and stealing the thunder from his friend. It would also have been nice for Cole to meet her parents with them playing such a large part to her background story.

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Dear Hungry Wolf
by Vivian Ward
Date Started
13th February 2019
Date Finished
13th February 2019
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