The Secret Child - Caroline Mitchell

The secret child

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Official Blurb:

DI Amy Winter knows evil. She’s lived through it.
Four-year-old Ellen is snatched by a stranger in the dead of night. Her devastated mother, Nicole, receives four identical phials and a threatening note in a familiar scrawl that chills her to the bone. But she always knew this would happen. She’s been expecting it for years . . .
According to the note, one of the phials is poisoned. Nicole is given a deadly challenge: if she drinks one, the sadistic kidnapper will notify the police of Ellen’s location. The sender claims to be Luka Volkov but Luka is supposed to be dead, killed long ago in a fire that haunts all those involved.
DI Amy Winter is still reeling from the discovery that she is the daughter of a serial killer, and her childhood trauma only makes her more determined to bring Ellen home. When another child is taken, Amy finds herself in a race against time. To rescue the children, must she seek help from the one person she wants to forget?

My Thoughts:

I’m not usually a fan of books where the detective’s lives are just as important as the crime they are investigating. However, this is so well written that it works perfectly. I feel invested in Amy’s story, and as I was reading, I kept thinking “I can’t wait to read the next book and her story to continue”. I then got dismayed as I realised this is the latest book that hasn’t been released yet and there won’t be another for some time yet. It will be exciting to see what path Lillian’s appeal will take in the future, so I will definitely be keeping my eye out for the next book.
The back story of Luka was heartbreaking; he was so trapped and unable to escape the hands of purely evil people. I guessed the twist that came at the end, but this didn’t stop me enjoying the unveiling any less.
I would have liked to see more trials presented to the people he despised. I think it only touched the surface with the phials, and this could have been explored a little more. Dr Curtis didn’t really suffer enough.
Overall, a really captivating crime read with an element of psychological thriller included.

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The Secret Child
by Caroline Mitchell
Date Started
12th February 2019
Date Finished
13th February 2019
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