Cowboy’s Melody - Rebecca Gallo

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Official Blurb:

Being a single dad is hard but my little girl is my entire world. Between raising my daughter and running my ranch, I don't have time for relationships.
The moment country superstar Teddi Wilde walks through my door, that thought goes out the window. Our attraction is instant and undeniable.
The problem is, she's only here for a week. My head says it won't work but my heart says give it a try. Am I willing to risk my heart on a woman who doesn't plan on sticking around.

My Thoughts:

Oh my God, that child drove me insane. She was so spoilt and whiny. Stamping her feet every time she wanted something! AAAAHHHHH. I don’t like kids at the best of times, but this one made me want to throw my kindle across the room and run very very far away!
Anyway, the child aside, this was quite an enjoyable read. I liked that it was quite a slow burn of a get-together. Book couples don’t kiss enough, so it was nice that kissing was centre stage in this story. It gave the romance credibility and made it more magical.
Teddi is a country singer who travels the country and is used to living the high celebrity life, whereas Brooks is a single dad living on a ranch in the middle of nowhere. What could they possibly have in common that would make this a relationship that will last forever?
I liked the peek of drama towards the end, and I was wondering how they would get their HEA both being from entirely different worlds. I should know by now that the authors always have this figured out!
It was a feel-good novel and a very enjoyable read.

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Cowboy's Melody
by Rebecca Gallo
Date Started
16th August 2019
Date Finished
16th August 2019
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