Christmas Secrets at Villa Limoncello - Daisy James

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Official Blurb:

With Christmas around the corner, Izzie Jenkins is ready to kickstart the new ‘Snowflakes and Christmas Cakes’ course at Villa Limoncello with chef and business partner, Luca Castelotti.
However, secrets are stirring with their latest guests and when nasty accidents keep befalling the group it looks like Izzie will have to turn detective once more to protect the Villa’s fledgling reputation. On top of all this, Izzie’s been offered the job of a lifetime – back home in Cornwall. Will she be coming home for Christmas, or will Tuscany work its magic to keep her at Villa Limoncello with Luca?

My Thoughts:

It’s undoubtedly strange reading a Christmas book covered in snow in the middle of August. Luckily, while I was reading it, it feels like winter. It is blowing a gale, chucking it down and is freezing, not August weather at all. This helped set the scene a little more appropriately. When I read the second book in this series, it was glorious sunshine, so it was hard to picture the Tuscany villa that I have grown to love as being cold. I had to reset my imagination to incorporate this.
I was frustrated with the relationship between Izzie and Luca during the last book, but I went into this one with the frame of mind that it is a slow burn relationship. It isn’t one of these book romances that steam right in; they are taking it slowly. This helped me accept that they hadn’t had their happy ever after just yet and created the anticipation that it was still to come.
The book follows a very similar formula to the second, whereby the villa is running a course of activities for a group of people. There is one bossy in charge person, and an accident befalls them. Skulduggery is once again afoot at Villa Limoncello!
It is such a light-hearted and fun read, and I absolutely love revisiting these characters that I have gotten to know in quite a short space of time. I was shocked by the ending as it was all wrapped up in a neat Christmas bow and it seems to be the end of the series. It felt a little rushed at the end I would have liked to savour it for a little longer, especially as it was a long time coming. I certainly wouldn’t be against more adventures at Villa Limoncello, hint hint! However, I think that might be unlikely with how it ended.
I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading these books and falling in love with the crazy characters of Tuscany.

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Christmas Secrets at Villa Limoncello
by Daisy James
Date Started
16th August 2019
Date Finished
18th August 2019
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