Circling the Drain - Lisa Unger

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Official Blurb:

Is it a hoax, or is it something unspeakably real? In this short story about evil games and spiraling secrets, whatever bargain you strike, there’s a price to be paid.
Mason Brandt dropped out of seminary and found a job at a spiritual center offering guidance to troubled teens. Mason was one himself years ago—a suspect in a young girl’s disappearance. When a female student is found murdered, Mason is dogged by suspicion and flees. He hopes Merle House will offer him sanctuary once again.

My Thoughts:

This is book three in the series. It is once again fast-paced and short at only 70 pages long. As I predicted in the review for book two, this instalment follows the other childhood friend Mason. We find out that life hasn’t been that kind to him, but he has finally found a happiness that is threatened to be taken away from him once again.
We don’t see much from Mathew’s point of view in this book, but we do follow his daughter, Jewel. The house they live in and her father’s past affect her, and she finds herself drawn to danger.
You feel as if the story is coming together in this book, and it all builds up to one final crescendo in the last portion of the story.
This book is as chilling as the first two, and I had to sleep after finishing this. I don’t often feel afraid, but this had really sent chills into my soul, and I felt as if I should be sleeping with one eye open. I think this is a good testament to how well the book has been written.

Circling the Drain
by Lisa Unger
Date Started
31st August 2022
Date Finished
31st August 2022