Love the Way You Lie - Lisa Unger

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Official Blurb:

What’s drawn four damaged people back to Merle House? The answer could destroy them all in a gripping short story of the truths we bury and the lies we tell ourselves.
Matthew, Claire, Ian, and Mason haven’t set foot on the Merle family property since the summer they were sixteen. They tried for years to put their history behind them, to forget the mystery of the girl who vanished so long ago. But a powerful force from their past is still at play. This time, there’s no hiding from it.

My Thoughts:

This is the final book in the series, and we finally get all the answers.
Mathew, Ian, Claire and Mason are reunited again and have to face their darkest fears, even if that means looking deep inside themselves.
There is lots of drama, lots of revelations and surprises.
I hadn’t guessed how this series would end, and I was pleasantly surprised with where it took me. Just a few gripes with this instalment, though. The first three books felt like they were separate from each other. I mentioned in my review for book one that I didn’t understand why an author splits books up like this. However, it was working, but it didn’t for this one. It starts with no prelude, just jumping straight back into the story. So this didn’t feel like a new book but just part of book three.
My second gripe is that Mathew and Sam had no money; it was Mathew’s main worry about what to do with Merle house; however, the very last chapter ignores this problem and just tires the issue up in a pretty bow with its head firmly buried in the sand. A one-line sentence about a grant or where funding may have come from would have been nice and tied it up properly.
So even though we get the answers we’ve been waiting for, and they were pleasantly surprising, I didn’t find this ‘book’ as good as the first three.

Love the Way You Lie
by Lisa Unger
Date Started
1st September 2022
Date Finished
1st September 2022