Fog Descending - Lisa Unger

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Official Blurb:

A grief-stricken spiritualist thought his faith in life after death was broken. Until the ghosts of his past come calling in this short story of believing in what can’t be seen.
Driven by an uncanny mystery from his youth, Ian Randall became a “spiritual cleanser,” ridding disturbances from homes. But his belief in the beyond was challenged by his wife’s death. Merle House, the root of Ian’s obsession, could change that. The woods are restless again. Maybe here, Ian will find what he needs—if he’s willing to make a deal with the dark.

My Thoughts:

This is book two in the series. I mentioned in my review of book one that I never really understood why an author has split books up like this. However, after having finished reading this instalment, it makes sense.
We still follow Mathew and his tribulations of taking over a derelict mansion. However, we met Claire in book one, and this time the interspersing chapters are following Ian. From Ian, we get more of a background and find out that the three characters (along with a fourth, Mason, who I am assuming stars in book three) were friends in the past. Ian allows us an insight into what happened one summer when they were kids, and the bigger picture starts to be pieced together.
This book was a little more chilling than the first, with the talk of spirits and other entities, and once again, I held my breath the entire way through.
This, too, was fast-paced and was only 70 pages long. I put this down and immediately started on book three!

Fog Descending
by Lisa Unger
Date Started
31st August 2022
Date Finished
31st August 2022