Brooklyn Girls: Angie (Book 2) - Gemma Burgess

Brooklyn girls angie

Reading Challenge Category: I fancied a bit of fluff, even though book 1 was just ok, I decided to perservere

Official Blurb:

Broke. Broken-hearted. Bored. (Not necessarily in that order.)
Angie James is lost.
A regular poster girl for Generation Screwed, being 22 isn't what she expected.
What happens when having fun isn't, you know, fun?
In the Brooklyn townhouse she shares with her best friends, Angie wants to figure out what to do with her life. But wild parties, bad dates, dead-end jobs, demanding fashionistas and even true love just keep getting in the way...
Who knew adulthood would be so damn grown-up?

My Thoughts:

Ok, so this was loads better than the first book. Maybe I’d lowered my expectations before I started reading it so that I knew what to expect from the tone of the language and the writing of the book.
The most annoying thing, however, was the overall anticipation of life starting at 23. When has life ever begun at 23? Or when do most 23-year-olds have their life sorted at 23? It’s not even a milestone birthday, but it was being treated like it was. I could understand if it was 21, 25, 30 or 40, but 23 is a nothing age. Yet, it was the be-all and end-all of the storyline that the protagonist had to have her life sorted by her 23rd birthday, and it was irritating.
Other than that, though, it was a pleasant read, but it did end abruptly with a sort of happy ever after.
What was also surprising which I am not used to from a follow-on book is that Pia from book one featured quite heavily and her happy ever after imploded. I am so used to reading follow-on books where the previous protagonists live happily ever after and feature like happy little bees in the background like we have ticked them off we don’t need to re-visit them. However, this author decided to entwine the books, so that was a pleasant surprise.
I am looking forward to book three where we will hopefully learn more about Pia, Angie, and as the title suggests Coco.

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Brooklyn Girls: Angie
by Gemma Burgess
Date Started
15th April 2018
Date Finished
19th April 2018
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