Brooklyn Girls: Coco (Book 3) - Gemma Burgess

Brooklyn girls coco

Reading Challenge Category: Book 2 was better than book 1 so thought I’d finish the series

Official Blurb:

Coco has always been the 'good one'. But when she catches her boyfriend cheating on her, she decides it's time to break bad. Coco swiftly goes from spending all her time baking and reading to working in (and dancing on) a bar, and falling in and out of love.
Meanwhile Coco's best friends are suddenly plunged into break-ups, break-downs, big breaks, and before long the group is on the verge of quitting New York City altogether.
Is Coco strong enough to keep them all together - and find herself at the same time?

My Thoughts:

The books definitely got better as the author found her stride with the characters as this was the best of the three. I think this was the most delightful character though as she is slightly overlooked and shy, but after a boyfriend mistreats her, she throws caution to the wind and goes a bit wild.
I did want to be all motherly on occasions, though, and tell her off for being irresponsible but also wanted to tell her off for being such a doormat at the same time!
The characters were all tied up nicely and given lovely endings.
I’m glad I stuck with these books and finished them off.

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Brooklyn Girls: Coco
by Gemma Burgess
Date Started
19th April 2018
Date Finished
21st April 2018
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