Blazing Hot Christmas - Fiona Starr

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Official Blurb:

It wouldn’t be Christmas without some fun insta-love love stories to make you swoon with desire! Meet brothers Adam and Brian Blaze as they find their forevers this Christmas in sweet and steamy stories that will warm your heart and make you blush!
Fall in love with Adam Blaze as he finds his forever in His Christmas Dream.
Meet Brian Blaze as he faces his fear and gets His Christmas Wish.

My Thoughts:

This is an excellent addition to the Blaze family stories, and it’s brilliant to be back on Blaze Mountain! In this novella, we have two short stories. One follows Adam Blaze and the other, his brother, Brian Blaze. The brothers are single and are ready to meet the loves of their lives. Both stories are set at Christmas, and they have a wonderfully festive feeling to them.

Adam and Katie
This is a great, fully-developed story. We get brief backgrounds on both Adam and Katie; we have drama and blush moments. Everything is done in proportion and well carried out.
I liked that they acknowledge that they know nothing about each other after sex, so making this a little bit more realistic rather than it just being an instant attraction love story. They spend time chatting and getting to know one another, which for such a short story is excellent.
The chapters are short and snappy, which means you can get through this story in no time. The ending is a little rushed, but it is very sweet and fitting to the story. It was great for all the family to get together for a big celebration.

Brian and Riley
This is a completely different story to the first and is great that it is unique and in its own right.
The characters and their journey up to this point is adorable. Neither of them could tell the other how they felt, and I liked how it was acknowledged that this made them even more special once they did get together.
Brian was a little too weak for my liking; I prefer my book men to take control and be more assertive. He did seem to be a bit of a deer in headlights instead of just sweeping Riley off her feet.
The ending was great for this one, no cliche. It was just perfect for what we had got to see of Brian and Riley.

This was a fantastic short read and a brilliant addition to the Blaze books that I have read so far of Fiona Starr’s. I’m glad I grabbed this when I saw it.

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Blazing Hot Christmas
by Fiona Starr
Date Started
20th December 2019
Date Finished
20th December 2019
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