Her Hot Shot - Alexx Andria

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Official Blurb:

Sometimes the right time is now when a second chance drops into your lap. With everyone around her hooking up or getting hitched, massage therapist Isabella Todd needs some R&R before the term “Third Wheel” is forever attached to her name. Her cousin Stella invites her to spend Fourth of July with her family in small town America, otherwise known as Milltown, Colorado and Isabella doesn’t hesitate to pack her bags. Summers spent in Milltown with her grandmother were some of her favorite — backyard barbecues, tanning by the lake, and meeting new friends — but there’s one memory that stands out above the rest. Her first kiss. Kasey Yates, two years older and the stuff of her teenage dreams, would forever remain the one perfect memory from those long-ago summers.
She never expected to see him again but fate is funny that way. The hot shot firefighter is still in Milltown, single and ready to mingle — and he never forgot about that sassy California girl who stole his heart with a sweet, innocent pucker. Is she ‘The One’ — there’s only one way to find out!

My Thoughts:

This was a pleasant and well-developed story as part of the Flirt Club’s Firework series. It follows just Isobelle, which the author explains that she decided to stick with her point of view as she fell in love with the character. This made it feel like we got the whole side of her story. We got to know her and her cousin Stella which was great. It also meant the story didn’t feel too rushed.
However, this did result in us not getting to know Kasey very well, other than what we saw of him when he meets Isobelle.
Isabelle is visiting her cousin, Stella over the fourth of July and is very much hoping to run into her first kiss. When Stella plays cupid and sets the two up, fireworks fly!
It was great how everything was explained about their past, and you could really get behind them being a couple. I did think the ending was a bit rushed in comparison to the rest of the story. We jump to a year later in the epilogue not long after they have reconnected. I would have preferred a gradual getting to know one another’s lives again and Isobelle being introduced to Kasey’s son. He would have been an important part of his life, yet we don’t get to see any introductions or transitions. So even though it is a well-developed story, it wasn’t very balanced. Too much time was spent in the build-up and not enough on the main story.
Overall, it was a great read, but I wasn’t happy with the ending and them rushing into getting pregnant. Everything moved just a little bit too fast at the end.

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Her Hot Shot
by Alexx Andria
Date Started
19th December 2019
Date Finished
19th December 2019
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