Wrong Victim - Helen H. Durrant

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Official Blurb:

A man is found dead in his bed, suffocated, covered in confetti and with his ring finger missing. Detective Rachel King informs his daughter and takes her to identify the body. But she’s never seen the man before in her life.
Then a second murder. This time a woman, Alison, also suffocated and with her finger severed and confetti strewn over her body.
The team desperately search for a link before anyone else dies.
Meanwhile, someone has been running a property scam, selling dream houses that will never be built.
And the love of Rachel’s life has disappeared. Is he really the mastermind of a people-trafficking gang? Or does Rachel have enemies on her own team?

My Thoughts:

This is the third book in the Rachel King series and is a follow-on. I wouldn’t recommend reading this on its own without having indulged in the first two.
It was only July when I read the last book, but I really had to draw on my memory to remember what had happened. Lots of past events are referenced, but Durrant doesn’t waste words or time on recapping. The book is only 203 pages long, so she doesn’t have space and has a lot to pack in. Once I’d cranked up my memory and knew where we were, I could really settle down and enjoy this section of the story.
The book grips you right from the beginning. An elderly man has been found dead in a care home, but not everything is at it seems not even the victim is who everyone thinks he is. The story is very interwoven and intricate, and again for such a short book, the author does a great job keeping track of all the threads and bringing them together.
The only little niggle I had were there were a few times some of the detectives knew things when there had been no time for them to find out that particular detail. Also, a few times, details were common knowledge when they were supposed to be kept quiet. I’m sure these things will have been ironed out in the final proof, or at least I hope so.
Overall, it was great to be back in DCI King’s world and fun to see the further development of the peripheral stories of all the detectives. We find out about their lives, but they are brief interludes and fit in well with the main story. Jed McAteer is growing on me!
I do hope this wasn’t the end of the series and that there will be more to come!

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Wrong Victim
by Helen H. Durrant
Date Started
4th December 2019
Date Finished
5th December 2019
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