Web of Dreams - V.C. Andrews

Reading Challenge Category: Follow-on Book

Official Blurb:

Leigh VanVoreen had to escape from Boston’s Farthinggale Manor. The foul secret she harbored within her seemed to darken her life forever. Jillian, her mother, would not believe her, and Tony Tatterton, her stepfather, had betrayed her cruelly.
But the pure devotion of Luke Casteel promised her hope and respect. Only Luke knew her deepest of secrets…only Luke would love and protect her. Bravely she bore the suspicions of the Willies’ hillfolk, as she tried to grasp the happiness that had so long eluded her. Leigh prayed with all her heart that her bright, shining dreams would save her from tragedy at last…

My Thoughts:

Oh, this book gets me every time. I didn’t think I was going to cry when I finished it as I felt quite level headed while reading it. I knew there was going to be no happy ever after, as I already knew the story. Yet when I finished the last page of the last chapter (not the epilogue) I burst out crying, actual proper sobs! I knew it was coming, but it was still like a soccer punch to the stomach.
This is the final instalment for the Casteel family saga; however, this is a prequel to Heaven and Annie’s story. This is Heaven’s mother Leigh’s story. We know about her past and how she came to be living in the Willies from the previous four books. Everything else had, also, been pieced together once secrets had been revealed. However, this book really fills in the details; we get to see everything that happened told by Leigh, herself. I had forgotten it was in the form of Leigh’s diary, and I was a bit disappointed with how Annie found it. I thought it felt a bit forced and rushed in the prologue.
This is the most heartbreaking story out of them all, though. Heaven and Annie, although they did have hardships to overcome, they did get happiness in their lives. Leigh’s story, though, is driven by a selfish mother, Jillian. Everything that happened and would happen as a consequence was all down to Jillian’s need to remain young and beautiful. She cared about nothing else, including her own daughter. The events that follow Jillian’s decision to leave Cleeve VanVoreen and marry Tony Tatterson have cataclysmic ramifications. It is truly tragic that she took her happy and carefree daughter and caused her the most horrific sadness.
I think besides the first book in the saga this would be my favourite. We really get to see how the story all started and where Heaven came from and what caused all the following events to happen. Everything is bred from secrets and lies, but here we get the beginning of them.
I don’t think I’ll ever be able to put into words the loss I feel at the end of this book, and I know after my reaction this time that it will be the same every time I read them in the future. I wish there were more of the story left to read; I’d like to know what became of Farthy once Troy died and did the family get the happy ever after that they so deserved. Could they put all the tragedy behind them or were mistakes destined to be repeated?

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Web of Dreams
by V.C. Andrews
Date Started
14th December 2019
Date Finished
16th December 2019
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